Wholesome Place is a holistically driven corporation, run by a licensed Naturopathic Physician. Our supplements are of professional-grade quality, high potency, and tested to be free of contaminants. We do not use cheap fillers in our capsules as we believe dietary supplements should only contain beneficial compounds that support optimal health. 

These supplements have been used with thousands of patients who have seen dramatic improvements in all areas of physiology and biochemistry.  We work daily to stay up-to-date with current nutrition research and continue to evolve our formulations to maintain only the best form, quality, and purity.

We welcome you to experience the difference yourself and rediscover your Wholesome Place.

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It is suggested that you work with a licensed healthcare practitioner as these formulas are of professional grade potency and purity.  For proper guidance, we suggest consulting with Naturopathic Physician Dr. Matthew Castanho.

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No other product returns are accepted.

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YES! We only use State Inspected cGMP labs and each product goes through extensive testing. We only use the highest quality sources for raw materials. Click here for more information.

That is completely dependent on what supplier has the best material. It is one of our highest priorities to search out the best raw materials based on quality, purity, and research.

Yes. Everything listed on the label is present in the capsule, tablet, powder, or liquid. What you see is exactly what you get.

With minor exceptions, our formulas do not contain wheat, gluten, corn protein, yeast, soy, animal, or dairy products. None of our formulas contain artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. We do use natural flavors in certain chewable products.

There are a few instances in which fillers are used. In cases where a filler must be used, we use only vegetable-based cellulose or rice flour or rice bran.

We rarely use tablets with the exception of our chewable supplements. For chewable tablets we often use xylitol and/or CanTab (which is made from compressed dextrose).

If we must use conventional tablets, we use one or more of the following: Di-calcium phosphate, microcrystalline cellulose, silica, crosmarmellose sodium, methyl cellulose, hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, dicaclcium phosphate dihydrate and calcium carbonate. All binders are hypoallergenic, non-animal derived compounds.

We generally try to avoid using magnesium stearate but when we have to use it, we only use vegetarian stearate.

Yes. Our bovine-sourced formulas are very safe and do not pose any risk for mad cow disease. Also: Many of our glandulars are porcine (pork) in origin so do not pose the risk of this disease.